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Pictures of me


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Below, you'll find pictures of me taken during my wild and uninhibited younger years. 

The picture that started it all - Sorry girls, no more autographed copies of this one.

Pastel blue and white? WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Not shown in photo are the red Air Jordans I was wearing

A typical school day in SoCal

Not shown in (this) picture are the blinding Bermuda shorts

Chillin at my future bro-in-law's birthday party

The last prom was much more fun than the first two!

Not shown in the picture is the insane arsenal of firepower lying at my feet

I plead no contest

Nature-boy wonders what's for lunch

Hanging out on my wedding day

Causing a scene at Buschart Gardens

Honestly, they make all bank employees do this!

Off to work in the corporate world (Good thing that didn't last long!)

Once again, Jeff Gordon shows the intimidator who's boss

Why do they invite husbands to these things anyway?

Opponents fear me - The Big Zero

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