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Not sure if I'm the same Michael Seals you're looking for?  Here's a list of places I've worked, and times that I worked there.
bulletWork History

1984-85 - Cook - Kentucky Fried Chicken - Artesia, CA
bulletI learned more than I ever wanted to know about deep fat fryers

1985-88 - Usher/Cashier - Pacific Theaters - La Mirada, CA
bulletWhere I learned it's never a good idea to date your coworkers

1986-87 - Audio Visual Tech - ABC Unified School District - Cerritos, CA
bulletMinimum wage, manual labor - What's not to love?

1987-89 - Glorified PC Operator - Sunrise / Second Genesis - Commerce, CA
bulletWhere I proved it is possible to create an entire inventory management and accounts receivable system in nothing but Lotus 123 macros

1989 - Customer Service Rep (Billing) - GTE - Cerritos, CA
bulletWhere I went from receiving 4 customer commendations on my first day to despising all the deadbeats I dealt with in six short months.

1989-90 - Member of Technical Staff - Touchstone Software - Seal Beach, CA
bulletI learned three things here:
  1. When thinking of writing software for the Mac, DON'T
  2. There is no job less thankless than supporting clueless modem users
  3. Given #1 and #2, a job can still be fun as long as your office overlooks a beach in Southern California

1990-93 - Network Administrator - Downey Savings - Newport Beach, CA
bulletMy first job that paid enough to afford a bachelor pad

1990-95 - Halloween Haunt "Talent" - Knott's Berry Farm - Buena Park, CA
bulletNo job is more fun than scaring the bejeebers out of teenage girls!

1995-96 - Office Technology Manager - Ernst & Young - Indianapolis, IN
bulletWhere I learned all about corporate politics in the professional ranks

1996-2001 - Network Manager - Brylane - Indianapolis, IN
bulletMotto: "We sell bras and panties to women over the telephone"

2001-?? - Consulting Practice Leader - Bell Tech.logix - Indianapolis, IN
bulletGetting paid to work with bleeding edge technologies rocks!


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