Aaron Andrès Seals

Aaron continued to amaze us as he became a toddler. He was very smart (at least we thought so!), and had mastered his Marvin the Martian rocket stacker. He walked and ran, usually faster than us. He had 9 teeth (4 on top, 4 on the bottom, and 1 molar) plus two more teeth on the way. He said "all done" after every meal or task and sometimes after he woke up in the morning.  He also pointed out airplanes with a loud "A-da!"

At his 15-month checkup with Dr. Evans, Aaron weighed 22 lbs., 10 oz. and was 32 inches tall. He still had a big head, but when plotted on a chart, it indicated his head would be the same size as Daddy's (and Uncle Sukosh's and Uncle BJ's). He was a very picky eater but was expanding into chunkier toddler foods. Unfortunately, Aaron was allergic to whole milk proteins, but adapted well to toddler soy formula.

Here's the pictures. There are plenty, because Aaron was busy!

image003.gif - 1154 Bytes

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Aaron sitting on the coffee table and watching Blue's Clues.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes  Big enough to reach the stereo. Here, Mommy, let me turn it on for you!

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Aaron in the bathtub with his turtle.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Aaron in the bathtub chewing on Froggie.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes All clean!

image004.gif - 267 Bytes At the state fair with Daddy, checking out the tractors.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes First pony ride, at the state fair.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Showing off his new bear from 'Ammah.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Sitting with Daddy and Phantom.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Checking out the Speedway Museum during Poppy's visit. Let's race!

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Aaron and Poppy (Grandpa Seals).

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Pushing his car (his FAVORITE toy) around the house.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Dancing on the coffee table.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Taking a walk with his car.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Picture break during walk.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Lets read a sing-along story!

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Asleep with his bear. Ok, ON his bear.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Just chillin' on the couch.

image004.gif - 267 Bytes Someday I'll fit into Daddy's shoes!

 image003.gif - 1154 Bytes

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