Aaron Andrès Seals

At 18 months old, he continued to get bigger, stronger and more independent every day. He loved to read (or be read to) and to push his lawn mower or motorcycle around the house. He was very good at pushing the buttons on all his toys/remote controls/stereos/whatever. (A special thanks to all of his relatives who sent him nice LOUD toys!) He was also a master climber.

At his 18-month checkup with Dr. Evans on January 18, 2000, Aaron weighed 26 pounds and was 33 inches tall. He could say several words, such as books, shoes and toes, but they just didn't have any vowels! He had almost all of his "toddler teeth," with the top molars and canines coming in. Aaron continued to move from baby food to toddler and adult foods like a pro. His favorites were Wendy's chicken nuggets, french fries and peeled apple chunks. (Don't worry Grandmas, these were treats, not all he ate!)

Here's another set of pictures. Enjoy!

image003.gif - 932 Bytes 

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Aaron's first trip to the beach.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Aaron riding the carousel at the Balboa Fun-Zone.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Taking his first "boat" ride on the Balboa Ferry.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Feeding the ducks and geese with Daddy.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Lots of ducks!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Aaron with his cousins, Laura and Thomas.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Getting wet in a water sculpture in San Jose.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Look, Mom, I can do the blocks!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes I made Tigger bounce all by myself!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes 2nd Thanksgiving dinner - I want Wendy's, not this stuff!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Getting ready for Christmas.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes  I don't feel too good, but bear makes me feel better!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Sledding down the driveway on his motorcycle.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes I woke Daddy early so we could open Christmas presents.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Cool, a new toy!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes  Playing 'Book Shopping' at his girlfriend's house.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Aaron and Danielle play in the ball pit.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes More playing in the ball pit.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Reading all his books.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Aaron and the new kitty (Eponine) mugging for the camera.

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes Forget the toys, my toybox makes a cool fort!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes I may not enjoy riding my motorcycle, but I sure like to push it!

image004.gif - 1127 Bytes This is the only way I could get Bear upstairs.

image003.gif - 932 Bytes

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