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Aaron at the magical age of 1. He walked holding on to Mom or Dad and was testing table foods. He had 6 teeth (2 on top and 4 on the bottom).  His favorite television show was (and still is) Blue's Clues, and he really liked Face!

At his pediatric appointment on July 27, 1999, Aaron weighed 22 lbs., 3 oz. and was 31 inches tall.

Here's the pictures, including Aaron's 1 year portraits:

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 #1 Portrait

 Close-up Portrait

 Blue's Clues Portrait

 Teddy Bear Party Portrait

 Balloons/Close-up Portrait - Daddy's Favorites

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 Sitting playing with his toys. - Daddy's Favorites

 Showing off his Gymboree balls. - Daddy's Favorites

 In trouble! Playing with the tissues. - Daddy's Favorites

 Swimming with Daddy. - Daddy's Absolute Favorite!

 Playing at the park.

 Swinging at the park.

 Aaron's birthday toys.

 Aaron eating his birthday toys.

 Aaron getting ready to have birthday cake.

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