Aaron Andrès Seals

As our little bundle of joy grew bigger, and we learned the value of a good stain remover, there were plenty of pictures to share!

At his 2-month check-up with pediatrician Dr. Smith on September 16, 1998, he weighed 12 pounds, 11 ounces, and was 23 inches long.

Aaron was rolling over from his stomach to his back at this point. He also liked to sit in his bouncing seat and kick. In addition, he smiled and talked a lot when he was getting his diaper changed.


image003.gif - 253 BytesAaron's furry brother & sister sought refuge in our bedroom.

image003.gif - 253 BytesAnna & 4 week old Aaron cuddle on the couch.

image003.gif - 253 BytesAaron just kept getting bigger.

image003.gif - 253 BytesAnd tried to figure out the world around him. - Dad's Favorites

image003.gif - 253 BytesAsleep on Mom.

image003.gif - 253 Bytes Aaron and Michael ready to take a walk. (It was Dad's turn to carry him around!)

image003.gif - 253 BytesA quick grin as Aaron fell asleep. - Dad's Favorites

image003.gif - 253 BytesHe was so precious when he was sleeping!

image003.gif - 253 BytesAaron got a bath.

image003.gif - 253 Bytes The full body nude shot that we'll share with his girlfriend(s) when he's older!

image003.gif - 253 BytesAsleep in his bouncy seat.

image003.gif - 253 Bytes Asleep again. (Aaron did a lot of sleeping!)

image003.gif - 253 Bytes Taking after his Mom as far as thumb-sucking, Aaron tried to find his thumb at only 7 weeks old.

image003.gif - 253 BytesStanding up to Dad in defiance of camera flashes!

image003.gif - 253 Bytes Standing up and looking at Mom. - Dad's Favorites


image004.gif - 3223 BytesAaron was born July 17, 1998.image005.gif - 3396 Bytes

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