Aaron Andrès Seals


At 2 years old, he seemed to have a good handle on the "terrible" in "Terrible Twos."

At his 2-year-old checkup with Dr. Paul Jarvis, Aaron was 37 inches tall (will he be 6' 3" at adulthood?) and weighed 29 pounds (with a cast on his arm).  He continued to be tall and skinny.  That's not a typo, Aaron already had his first broken bone.  He got a hairline fracture in his upper arm at the elbow when he fell off the couch.

Aaron was expanding his vocabulary, and could say several words.  He was learning to count to twenty, say the alphabet and was learning his colors.  He was not always understandable, but we were getting there!  He was (and still is) VERY active, and loved to run and play.  He also loved to be read to but wasn't exactly gentle with his books.

He wasn't extremely fond of his sister and rarely acknowledged her existence.  (Melissa, on the other hand, adored him!)

  Here's the pictures.  ENJOY!

image003.gif - 324 Bytes 

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Aaron building a tower with his legos.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Asleep in his new bed.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Sitting in his new chair with Bear.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Rock, rock, rocking on his motorcycle.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Eating french fries with Daddy.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes  It was a busy day getting wet, but there was still plenty of playtime left!

image004.gif - 185 Bytes  Aaron's new bed, built by Daddy

image004.gif - 185 Bytes  Aaron's new dresser, also built by Daddy.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Playing in the driveway, with his casted broken arm.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes  Aaron's birthday, and his new hoop.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes  I don't want cake.



image004.gif - 185 Bytes Aaron is 2!

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Aaron with Tigger background.

image004.gif - 185 Bytes Just Aaron.

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