Aaron Andres Seals

At three years old, Aaron was a rambunctious climber.  He would climb up anything - usually the furniture when we weren't looking.  He was a very spirited little boy who would eagerly repeat everything he saw on TV, particularly "Oobi" episodes (a series of between-show films on Noggin featuring a hand with eyes).  His favorite shows, basically all he was allowed to watch, were Blue's Clues and Sesame Street.  So we had a Blue's Clues themed 3rd birthday party with some neighborhood kids.  Everyone had a great time in the basement playing video games, watching Blue's Birthday Party and coloring.

At his 3-year checkup with Dr. Paul Jarvis, Aaron was 40 inches tall and weighed 35 pounds.  He continued to be tall and skinny.  The doctor was concerned about the clarity of his speech and recommended speech therapy to give him better diction.  He was definitely smart because he could count to 20 very well and do his ABCs.  He knew the numbers and letters on sight.  He also knew colors and shapes.  And he was excellent at simple (10 piece) puzzles.

Sibling rivalry was still a concern as well.  Aaron was a head taller than Melissa and he tried to control her, which usually resulted in pushing her or otherwise causing her to lose her balance, followed by her crying.  On the other hand, he loved to play leader if she would follow.

Here's the pictures.  Enjoy!

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bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Playing at Gymboree.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Feeding ducks with Daddy during a trip to California.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes More duck feeding!

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Hanging out in Steve's wheelchair.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Up on the ferris wheel in Newport Beach.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Playing a version of peek-a-boo with Melissa.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Not feeling well, but looking angelic.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Sharing Cheerios with Melissa at snack time.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes A bit of a basket-case!

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Sitting on a fire truck with Daddy during the 4th of July.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Let's bounce!

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Present time, present time (at his birthday party)!

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes I got a new ball, time to go play.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Opening another present.



bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Aaron is 3!

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Sitting with Bear.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes Laughing with Bear.

bullet.jpg - 3033 Bytes A sly smile.

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