Aaron Andrès Seals

Well, he went from a little bundle of joy to a big baby boy! Or at least a tall one!

During his 4-month-old checkup with Dr. Jonathon Evans on November 17, 1998, Aaron weighed 15 lbs., 13 oz. and measured 26 inches tall. He also showed that he had the early stages of stranger anxiety by first flirting with and then crying at Nurse Connie and then Dr. Evans.

At this point, Aaron loved to talk (and scream), kick and grab. He also STARTED solid foods (which means we got more back than he got down).

We bought a new camera to help take much better pictures of our growing boy. And the pictures are date stamped! Here they are:

image002.gif - 311 BytesPeacefully asleep on Mom (2 months old)

image002.gif - 311 BytesSmiling at Daddy's tissue - Dad's Favorites

image002.gif - 311 BytesHanging out on the couch

image002.gif - 311 Bytes"Baby seals love to snuggle" (with a pacifier)

image002.gif - 311 Bytes"Come on, Mom, let's go!" (3 months old) - Dad's Favorites

image002.gif - 311 BytesHanging out in the bouncing seat

image002.gif - 311 BytesHAPPY HALLOWEEN! "Let's go trick-or-treating!" - Dad's Favorites

image002.gif - 311 BytesPlaying in the bouncing seat (3 months old)

image002.gif - 311 BytesChewing on his favorite rattle

image002.gif - 311 BytesThe master thumb-sucker!

image002.gif - 311 BytesWorn out - Dad's Favorites

image002.gif - 311 BytesSmiling at Mommy (4 months old) - Dad's Favorites

image003.gif - 1552 Bytes 

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