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At 4 years old, Aaron was a fairly typical little boy.  He loved planes, trains and trucks.  He loved music and stories.  He had unbridled energy.  He was his own person with his own way of doing things, and he would let you know it.  His speech was getting clearer.  He loved to learn.

He was starting to write his name.  He recognized trapezoids, stop signs (and could tell you it was a red octagon), exit signs and the logos for Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Kroger, Marsh and Meijer.  He was the ultimate backseat driver, telling you to stop at stop signs and red lights, to go at green lights and to turn "this way" or "that way."

At his pediatric check-up on July 19th, Aaron weighed 36 pounds and was 43 inches tall.  He was still potty-training, but as veteran mothers told us, "you can't force it."  (He had mastered #1, but was fighting us on #2.)

Aaron and Melissa had a typical sibling relationship.  They got along well and made up games together, but would turn around and start fighting in a heartbeat.  They definitely looked out for each other, though.

Here are the pictures:

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stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Aaron's fashion statement - the sideways hat. - Mommy's favorite

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesAnother shot of the sideways hat.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes "No, Mommy, we're not getting into anything. Honest."

stopsign.gif - 1041 Bytes"Missy, let me show you how to open your present."

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes In the bunny ears he made at school.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesStanding in front of race cars at Lowe's.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes The Father's Day picture. - Daddy's favorite

stopsign.gif - 1041 Bytes"I don't want any ice cream, thank you!"

 stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Always, the hat is sideways.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesIn a moving truck at Touch-a-Truck day.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes On a fire truck at Touch-a-Truck day.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesSleeping with Missy while on vacation. - Mommy's favorite

 stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Getting a ride from Daddy at Disneyland.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesIn front of Disneyland with Daddy, Mommy and Missy.

 stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Co-captain of a Babe boat. Oh, sorry, a Storybook Land Canal boat.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesDriving the Toon Town Fire Truck, with Missy and Aunt Karen.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Showing off his birthday cake with Aunt Karen. - Mommy's favorite

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesSwimming with Daddy at Uncle BJ and Aunt Karen's house.

 stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Everybody swim!

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesOn the carousel at Adventure City.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes On the airplane ride with Daddy at Adventure City.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesOn the self-powered train at Adventure City.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes On the carousel at the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach.

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesPlaying in the waves with Daddy and Missy at Newport Beach.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes "Missy, we slide TOGETHER!"

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesShowing off his Licoln Log towers. - Daddy's favorite

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes On his new bike. - Mommy's favorite



stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesAaron with the #4.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes Aaron with a fire truck.  

stopsign.gif - 1041 BytesSeals Family Photo.

stop.gif - 1332 Bytes The Seals kids (Aaron, Melissa and Jack).  

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