Aaron Andrès Seals

At 5 years old, Aaron was getting ready for kindergarten.  He was reading beginner and Level 1 readers, and loved to read.  He loved music, especially Uncle Kracker and Matchbox 20.  He also understood the most amazing things - like a medical mask is used by a doctor.  He made connections that we didn't realize he understood.  Everybody who knew him said he was VERY smart.

His favorite show was Clifford the Big Red Dog.  He seemed to have outgrown Blue's Clues, but still watched Between the Lions.  His favorite movies included Shrek (especially the music), Toy Story and Toy Story 2, Cinderella and Tarzan.

At his five year checkup on July 17th (yes, mean mommy did the appointment, with shots, on his birthday), Aaron weighed 38 pounds and was 45 inches tall.  He was a Seals boy - tall and skinny still!

We had a busy summer, and went out to visit Grandmother and Grandpa Oglesby in Idaho.  The best part was playing ball with Bosco!  Here are the pictures:

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music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Never too big for the motorcycle!

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Riding his bike at the Orchard Park Kindy 100.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Second shot - riding his bike at the Orchard Park Kindy 100.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Ready to drive at Indiana Beach.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes On the Frog Hopper at Indiana Beach (their favorite ride).

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Taking a tour of the lake at Indiana Beach.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Sitting in a police car at Touch-a-Truck.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Checking out an ambulance at Touch-a-Truck.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Next to the ball drop exhibit (his favorite) at Discovery Center of Idaho.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes "Mommy, that is a BIG tiger!"

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes He's a pearl to us!

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Coming out of his shell.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Up close and personal with a real Timon.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Pretending to ride a camel.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Check out THESE ears!

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Riding the train in Idaho with Grandpa and Uncle Nate.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Getting ready to go down the slide at the water park.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Coming down the curvy slide at the water park.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes "Sit, Bosco!"

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Chillin' on Grandpa's car with Uncle Nate and Missy.

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Opening birthday presents (with a little help).

music36.gif - 1045 Bytes Watching the model trains before going for a ride on a big train.

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