Aaron Andrès Seals

At 6½ years old, Aaron is in first grade and Cub Scouts.  He has shown us just how smart he really is.  He is at 2nd grade or higher level in reading and math.  He is an excellent speller.

Aaron collects Hot Wheels cars.  He likes many different Disney movies and both "Shrek" movies, and enjoys watching "Rolie Polie Olie", "JoJo's Circus" and "Out of the Box" with his sister.

He is still skinny and growing like a weed.  He has grown into size 7X pants already!

Here are the latest pictures, including some of our cute Tiger Cub Scout!

 Trying on a military helmet at Touch-a-Truck.

 Ready to drive the street sweeper at Touch-a-Truck.

 "Do these controls work?"

 Ready to drive the DARE car.

 Riding a pony at the State Fair.

 Going down the big pink slide at the State Fair.

 Racing the pedal cars at the State Fair.

 The quarterback makes a handoff!

 Flag Football Team Photo

 With his cousins and GiGi in Oklahoma.

 On the trampoline at Aunt Nita's in Oklahoma.

 Aaron the Cub Scout.  (Wanna buy some popcorn?)

 Aaron the Cub Scout in a military vehicle.

 Aaron explains fire trucks to the fireman.

 Ready to drive another military vehicle.

 Ready for the Army?

 Happy Halloween!

 Jumping into a leaf pile - his favorite autumn activity.

 Little dinosaurs at the Children's Museum.

 In school, ready to learn!

 Chillin' in Daddy's hat.

This web page was created on May 20, 2005.