Aaron Andrès Seals

At 9 months old, Aaron was crawling and cruising. He was eating more solids, such as Cheerios, and constantly mooched whatever Mom and Dad were eating.

Aaron had 4 teeth (2 on top and 2 on bottom). He loved to use them to chew on saltines, or to bite Mom and Dad!

On April 19, 1999, at his check-up, Aaron weighed 20 lbs., 7 oz. and was 30 inches tall. The pediatrician thought Aaron might be taller than his Daddy someday!

More pictures:

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image004.gif - 980 Bytes Sitting up on his own (8 months old)

image004.gif - 980 Bytes Aaron in the tub

image004.gif - 980 Bytes Look at me! I'm crawling! (8 months old) - Daddy's Favorites

image004.gif - 980 Bytes Aaron with Granpda Oglesby

image004.gif - 980 Bytes Easter Sunday with Aunt Amanda

image004.gif - 980 Bytes Helping Grandma and Grandpa Oglesby unpack

image004.gif - 980 Bytes  "Come on, Mom, I' ll drive!" - Daddy's Favorites

image004.gif - 980 Bytes Going cruising, and showing teeth (9 months old)

image004.gif - 980 Bytes More cruising! - Daddy's Favorites

image003.gif - 2801 Bytes 

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