Melissa Amber Seals

Melissa entered her toddler stage trying to follow in her brother's footsteps, though she didn't seem to realize she wasn't as big as him.  She climbed up everything, particularly the toy shelf.  She had 10 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom and 2 molars) and continued teething.  She sang and talked ALOT, able to say words such as "ball," "bye," "nose" and "shoe."  (She loved to show you her nose!)

At her 15-month checkup with Dr. Jarvis, Melissa weighed 22 lbs., 14oz. and was 32 inches tall.  She was moving off baby food, into chunkier toddler foods and table food.  She really enjoyed saltines and Cheerios! She was also learning to eat with a spoon, but believed food was better for finger painting.

Here are the pictures:

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bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes Melissa's first trip to the beach.

bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes "I got up here, but would you help me down?"

bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes "I can eat by myself!"

bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes "And give you a cheesy smile at the same time!"

bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes Eating Cheerios with Aaron.

bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes Melissa's first spaghetti dinner.

bullet.gif - 1042 Bytes Pizza's just as fun!

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