Melissa Amber Seals

At 18 months old, Melissa was getting bigger, stronger and more indepedent.  She wasn't a cuddly baby anymore.  She had places to go and things to do.  Mainly, she liked to play "Monkey See, Monkey Do" with her brother.  She was convinced that she could do anything he did - climbing, running, dancing - even though she was smaller and not as physically able.

Melissa could say several words - "All done," "Shoe," "Coo Coo" (Blue's Clues), "Alk" (Chalk), "Ball," "Duck," "Nose," and a couple dozen more.  She had almost all of her toddler teeth, as the molars and canines were coming in.  She finally got curls in her hair too!  She was very good with table foods, even grapes, and was learning to eat with a spoon, though it was a messy lesson.

Here are the pictures.  Enjoy!

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button.gif - 1453 Bytes We're so proud (yes, that's Melissa).

button.gif - 1453 Bytes A cute bundle in a basket.

button.gif - 1453 Bytes Melissa and Cookie Monster.

button.gif - 1453 Bytes Showing off her new outfit from 'Ammah.

button.gif - 1453 Bytes "Missy, see my new tractor" (at Aaron's birthday party).

button.gif - 1453 Bytes Showing off a pretty pink outfit.

button.gif - 1453 Bytes  Riding a pony at the Indiana State Fair.

button.gif - 1453 Bytes Riding the carousel at the State Fair.

button.gif - 1453 Bytes "No, you're not going to take my picture!"

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