Melissa Amber Seals


Our little bundle of joy grew taller every day, and quickly outgrew her clothes!

At her 2-month check-up with pediatrician Dr. Evans on May 12, 2000, she weighed 11 pounds, 2 ounces, and was 24 inches long.

Melissa loved to sit and kick Mommy. She was also VERY vocal, and liked to wake everybody up in the morning with her "singing." Diaper changes were the cause of her biggest smiles. No modesty here! She was a major thumb-sucker, and couldn't fall asleep without her thumb in her mouth. She must have inherited that from Mommy!

Here are some pictures:


Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Melissa asleep on the couch.

Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Melissa's first bath.

Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Just laying around.

Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Taking a swing.

Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Playing with the activity gym.

Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Asleep in her crib.

Image8.gif - 992 Bytes Asleep, sucking on her thumb.


pinkrtl2.gif - 2411 Bytes Melissa was born on March 8, 2000. pinkbear.gif - 2792 Bytes

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