Melissa Amber Seals

At 2 years old, Melissa was well into her "terrible twos."  Her specialty was to break out in tears when you told her no.  Sometimes all you had to do was look at her wrong.  Of course it meant she had Daddy right where she wanted him (mostly around her pinky).  Mommy was no fool though, she'd done that (right, Grandpa Oglesby!?).

Melissa played well with Aaron, but loved to antagonize him and fight back.  Sibling rivalry was alive and well in our household.  However, having an older brother to learn from, she was learning fast.  They had story time and computer time together, and she had learned alot from both.  She also had a very vivid imagination - even her little dinosaur drove the toy school bus!  She attended a church-run Parents-Time-Out program once a week, and loved learning and playing with the kids her age.  On the other hand, Melissa still thought she was as big and dexterous as Aaron, and usually found out through a new bruise or skinned knee that she was not.  But she was catching up fast!

Melissa's slow-to-grow hair made up for lost time.  Check out the bad hair day picture!  She had all 20 baby teeth.  Melissa wanted to potty train, but we were taking our time.  We had to get her out of one-piece, snap-crotch outfits first.  Her winter wardrobe was all separate pants and shirts (except for her Colts Cheerleader outfit).

Here are 6 months of pictures:

WB00490_.GIF - 396 Bytes

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes "YUMMY!" Eating an Easter cookie from Aunt Karen.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Thumb-suckers-R-us!

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Taking Sweetie for a stroll.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes A sign of things to come?

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Father's Day Picture.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes First ice cream cone.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Sitting on a bus at Touch-a-Truck day.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes "I'll drive!" At Touch-a-Truck day with Aaron. (Mommy's favorite)

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes With Mommy at Gymboree.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Worn out on vacation, asleep with Aaron. (Mommy's favorite)

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes On a teeter-totter with cousin Jack.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes On the Casey Jr. train at Disneyland.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes There's that gift of gab again...

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes With Aunt Karen and Aaron at Disneyland.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Attacking Aunt Benee.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Too cool for the room!

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Swimming with Aunt Benee.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes At the Cerritos Public Library fountain.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Riding the carousel at Adventure City.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes Playing in the surf with Daddy.

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes "This turtle doesn't move very fast."

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes True Blue Colts Fans!

bullet.GIF - 463 Bytes "And you thought you were having a bad hair day!" (Mommy's favorite)

WB00490_.GIF - 396 Bytes

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