Melissa Amber Seals

At 3 years old, Melissa was giving her brother a run for his money.  Many of the things he learned, she picked up.  She attended preschool with other 3 year olds at a local church twice a week.  Her fears had progressed to include the dark and many flying bugs (flies, bees, wasps - but she loves butterflies).  Her favorite characters were Clifford, the Disney Princesses and Scooby Doo.

Like her brother, she was tall and skinny and even wore a few of his hand me downs (sweatpants and jeans) because she was hard to find pants for too!  She was only 4 pounds and 4 inches smaller than her brother.

She was very attached to Aaron, and the first question she asked on his school days is "Where's Aaron?"  But she wasn't so attached that she didn't enjoy having the house to herself!

She really enjoyed our summer vacation to Idaho.  She claimed that Uncle Nate was her best friend (only because of Bosco!).

Here are the pictures:

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icon1.gif - 2810 Bytes Coloring easter eggs.

icon2.gif - 3338 Bytes Pretending to be a kitty.

icon3.gif - 3467 Bytes The "I have to go potty" pose.

icon4.gif - 2870 Bytes Too cool Sweetie (Missy did it!).

icon5.gif - 3302 Bytes "I'm ready to drive!"

icon6.gif - 3727 Bytes Missy really liked the search-and-rescue dogs.

icon1.gif - 2810 Bytes Shifting gears on the mower at Touch-a-truck day.

icon2.gif - 3338 Bytes Ready for a boat ride at Indiana Beach.

icon3.gif - 3467 Bytes Ready for a car ride at Indiana Beach.

icon4.gif - 2870 Bytes On the Frog Hopper at Indiana Beach (their favorite ride).

icon5.gif - 3302 Bytes Getting ready to go to Idaho on an airplane!

icon6.gif - 3727 Bytes On a camel with Aunt Mandy and Grandpa Oglesby.

icon1.gif - 2810 Bytes Check out THESE ears!

icon2.gif - 3338 Bytes Nesting with Aunt Mandy.

icon3.gif - 3467 Bytes "Aunt Mandy, this is a really big lizard!"

icon4.gif - 2870 Bytes Missy the turtle.

icon5.gif - 3302 Bytes Laughing with Uncle Nate on the Thunder Mountain train.

icon6.gif - 3727 Bytes "I'll catch you, Missy!"

icon1.gif - 2810 Bytes At the water park with Aunt Mandy.

icon2.gif - 3338 Bytes Sitting with Aaron and Bosco.

icon3.gif - 3467 Bytes Riding a pony at the zoo.

icon4.gif - 2870 Bytes "Mom, it's a goat!"

icon5.gif - 3302 Bytes The damage control haircut.

icon6.gif - 3727 Bytes Dressed up as Sally (from Peanuts) at the Children's Museum.

icon1.gif - 2810 Bytes Picking squash at the Children's Museum.

icon2.gif - 3338 Bytes Playing by the dinosaur at the Children's Museum.

icon3.gif - 3467 Bytes Missy the clown.

icon4.gif - 2870 Bytes Riding a pony at the fair.

icon5.gif - 3302 Bytes Going down the big slide at the fair - solo!

icon6.gif - 3727 Bytes Sitting with Ginger and Aaron.

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