Melissa Amber Seals

 At 4 months old, Melissa was getting much more entertaining.

At her 4-month check-up with Dr. Paul Jarvis on July 11, 2000, Melissa weighed 13 lbs., 11 oz. and was 26 inches tall.  (Tall and skinny seems to run in this family!)

She could roll around well, and held on tight to her rattle.  She had a very strong neck for her age, and loved to watch the world around her.  She adored Aaron, as he was a constant source of amusement for her (even if he didn't intend to be).

Here's the pictures:

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Peacefully asleep in her crib. - Mom's favorites

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Wow!  A close-up shot.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Asleep in the swing.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Ok, let's go! - Mom's favorites

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Chewin' and swingin'.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Melissa and her new bear.

 image004.gif - 1451 Bytes

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