Melissa Amber Seals

At 4 years old, Melissa continued to be a handful.  She continued to love "girl stuff" such as My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, stickers and dress up.

We got a chance to go out to California for cousin Connor's first birthday.  We visited Adventure City, Knott's Soak City, Newport Beach, Ventura and Disneyland/California Adventure (THANKS, AUNT KAREN!).

Since pictures can be worth a thousand words, we'll get right to them.  This batch really captured her personality:

 Missy found an easter egg.

 Coloring easter eggs.

 Bouncing at a birthday party.

 Pony ride at a birthday party.

 Another picture of pony ride at birthday party.

 On the carousel at the zoo with Aaron and friend Megan.

 Riding the pony at the zoo.

 With Poppy.

 Meeting cousin Connor for the first time.

 Spinning in the drum with Daddy.

 On the Newport Beach carousel.  

 Riding the Newport Beach ferry.

 Playing a rowing game with Daddy in Newport Beach.

 Swimming with the Seals family.

 In jail with Aunt Karen and Aaron.

 Strong girl!

 What a girl!  (Talking on the phone.)

 In front of the "Brother Bear" statue at California Adventure.

 On a bear rock at California Adventure.

 On King Triton's carousel at California Adventure.

 Up on the Smile Wheel at Adventure City.

 On the bus ride at Adventure City.

 On the carousel at Adventure City.

 Sliding at Knott's Soak City.

 Another shot on the slide at Soak City.  

 Playing in the water at the beach.

 Digging in the sand at the beach.

 On a seal in Ventura.

 With Aunt Ne-Ne on a dolphin in Ventura.

 On a carousel in Ventura.

 Warming in the sun after swimming.

 Watching Connor attack his 1st birthday cake.

 Missy with her cousins and brother.

 Rafting with Aaron at Kings Island.

 On Scooby Doo at the Kings Island carousel.

 Missy on the Flintstones bumper cars.

 In the Mystery Machine with Aaron.

 Missy with Scooby Doo.

 Missy driving a lavendar car at Kings Island.

 Steering the power boats at Kings Island.

 Miss Military at Touch-a-Truck.

 In a military hummer at Touch-a-Truck.

 Driving the street sweeper at Touch-a-Truck.

 Hiding in a bucket at Touch-a-Truck.

 Riding a pony at the Indiana State Fair.

 Coming down the big slide at the Indiana State Fair.

This web page was created on May 12, 2005.