Melissa Amber Seals

At 5 years old, Melissa is a grown-up little girl.  She is attending Kids' Corner preschool (taught by seniors at Carmel High School).  She loves unicorns, horses and My Little Pony, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake and Disney Princesses.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  She loves to play on the computer.  She gets to go to kindergarten with her best friend Madeline in August.  She is ready - she can read well and write okay.

At her pediatric checkup (with shots!), Missy was 41 pounds and 47 inches tall.  She was taking gymnastics (for fun) and signed up for softball in the spring.  She is ready for Girl Scouts because she's tired of watching all the fun Aaron has in Cub Scouts.

In Missy's mind, everything has to be equal.  If her brother can have it, why can't she?  He's 49 inches tall, why isn't she?  He's 6 years old, why isn't she?  Most everything is purchased in twos!

For her 5th birthday, Missy had a My Little Pony party, with a Dream Castle bounce house.

Here's the latest round of pictures:

 Missy doing the pencil roll at gymnastics.

 In Oklahoma with her cousins and GiGi.

 Bouncing on Aunt Nita's trampoline in Oklahoma.

 Happy Halloween!

 Jumping into a leaf pile - our favorite autumn activity!

 The Kids Corner Class Picture - Fall A.M.

 Doing a puzzle with best friend Madeline.

 Dressed up for the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

 Playing with Aaron at Indy Island.

 Getting her birthday cake.

 Ready to blow out the candle.

This web page was created on May 18, 2005.