Melissa Amber Seals

Melissa was mobile!

At her 6-month check-up with Dr. Jarvis on September 11, 2000, Melissa weighed 15 lbs., 9 oz., and measured 27 inches tall.  She also had the big head (that runs in the family, too!)

Melissa was on the go, scooting around (doing the wounded soldier crawl) and going everywhere.  Her favorite target was Aaron, though he still wanted nothing to do with her.  She had moved into the big tub since she wouldn't sit still in the baby tub on the sink.

She was a little slow to take to it, but was eating solid foods like a pro.  She even ate breakfast with her brother every morning.  In addition, she had her two bottom front teeth and always seemed to be teething, so we knew to keep an eye out for more!

Here's more pictures:

image003.gif - 185 Bytes  How 'bout a kiss?  Melissa's first cereal feeding.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Melissa and Aunt Mandy.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Melissa and the Blue ball.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Just sittin' around.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes  Droolin' and smilin'.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Playing with her chime ball.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes  Playing "jujubee" with Daddy and Aaron.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes Just swinging again.

image003.gif - 185 Bytes On the floor playing with owl.

image004.gif - 2711 Bytes

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