Melissa Amber Seals

At 9 months old, Melissa was more mobile each day.  She was crawling and cruising, and had taken a few tentative steps.  She loved to hold Mommy's or Daddy's fingers and walk around whenever she got the chance.  She had started solid foods and LOVED Cheerios.  She also ate bread, cookies, and french fries - just about anything you'd give her.  Like her brother, she was a mooch!

Melissa had 4 teeth, two on top and two on the bottom.  She happily used them to bite Mommy's knees or anybody's fingers!

At her check-up with Dr. Jarvis on December 11, 2000, Melissa weighed 17 lbs., 6 oz., and was 30 inches tall.  The doctor felt she was too skinny, so he said to let her eat as much as she wanted.  No problem there!  It looked like Melissa would be as tall as Aaron and Daddy.  (Mommy was beginning to feel really short!)

Here are more pictures:

Bd14538_.gif - 1559 Bytes

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Playing with brother.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Chewing on fish rings.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Playing under the bar stools.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Drinking from her water cup.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Bath time in her new tub.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Getting ready to cruise on the fireplace.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes "Come on, Mom, let me out."

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Standing at the window.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Happy Halloween from the Little Pumpkin!

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Watching TV with brother.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes "I see you, Mommy!"

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Eating the Little People.

image002.gif - 415 Bytes First Thanksgiving - Sweet Potatoes (Mommy-fed).

image002.gif - 415 Bytes First Thanksgiving - Mashed Potatoes (Self-fed).

image002.gif - 415 Bytes "This floor ain't big enough for the two of us!"

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Attacking brother.


Holiday Portraits:

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Melissa's 1st Christmas - Portrait 1

image002.gif - 415 Bytes Melissa's 1st Christmas - Portrait 2

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Wishing all our friends and family a wonderful 2001!


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