Goodbye Christine

On Monday, August 9th, 1999, we had to put Christine to sleep, as she had contracted a disease known as FIP.

She has been a wonderful companion for 9 years and we miss her terribly.


We love you, Chris!

For the day Michael picked you at the pound because you were vocally adamant that you were HIS kitten.

For the day Michael took you to the vet and you climbed up his arm, voicing your discontent at the evil doctor from your shoulder perch.

For the day you went into heat and loved Michael's feet.

For the day Phantom alerted us that you were trapped in the porch downstairs, because you fell off our balcony.

For all the shoestrings that you attacked.

For all the sponges you stole off the kitchen sink.

For all the crumpled balls of paper that you preferred over expensive cat toys.

For all the times you ran up and down the stairs playing "Go-get-it."

For all the pocket-pak tissues that you stole from Anna's purse and carried around as your "babies."

For the indentation that you made in the new couch, as YOUR place to sleep at night.

For all the joy you have brought us.


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