Goodbye Phantom

On Wednesday, October 10th, 2007, we had to put Phantom to sleep, as he had deteriorated due to a condition known as Chronic Renal Failure.

He has been our loyal buddy for 17 years and we miss him, but cherish the long life he had with us.


For the day Michael picked you at the pound simply because you were a black kitten.

 For the day you alerted us that Christine was trapped in the porch downstairs, because she fell off our balcony in Irvine, CA.

 For all the times you curled up in the bathroom sink.

For the day you finally caught the pesky pigeon on the balcony in Laguna Hills, CA.

 For the way you shook your paws (and made us laugh) the first time you walked on snow!

For all the TV-watching cuddle sessions.

 For all the laser pointer chases.  You were going to get that red dot!

 For going from bachelor cat to family cat so gracefully and patiently.

 For all the love you have brought us.


This web page was created on October 10, 2007.