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Here's some pictures of completed children's projects.  All of them have been a big hit with the kids, their friends and other parents.  If only I could get paid well enough for doing this...

A 4x8 chalkboard mounted low for toddlers

The chalkboard is made of a sheet of plywood covered with Crayola chalkboard paint

Remove a few dowel pins and fold down the legs for a train table

The train pieces are held in place with glued-in dowels and/or brads

My first major children's project - My son didn't mind being kicked out of the nursery when he had his very own car bed to sleep in!

What garage is complete without a Craftsman toolchest?

Although not easy to see in the pictures, the chest mimics the Craftsman's exposed I-beam construction

No princess should have to sleep outside of her castle!

The upper deck of the castle has shelves to hold her ever-changing collection of stuff

No castle would be complete without a menagerie of stuffed animals

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