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Below, I've included a few pictures of completed woodworking projects that I've done around the house:

bulletCedar Chest - The cedar chest was on its way to furniture heaven when my wife suggested to our neighbor that I might be able to fix it.  When I first looked at it, my reaction was similar to the neighbor's: the copper trim was badly corroded from a previous restoration attempt, the oft-repaired Queen-Anne style feet were beyond saving, and a previous owner 'fixed' some insect damage with hot-melt glue.  As a 10th anniversary surprise, I spent two weekends restoring the chest while my wife was vacationing with her parents in Idaho.   We both agree that this project turned out much nicer than we had ever hoped!


bulletAdjustable shelving - I've built several of these adjustable shelving units over the last several years.  Built out of 2x4 lumber and 3/4" plywood, these versatile shelving units have been a god-send when organizing the 'junk' that I've accumulated for my various hobbies.  The unit pictured below is a full 4 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 24 inches deep.  This one has a front door on it to keep curious children away from the potentially dangerous arcade monitors that are stored in it.


Top view of the chest. The logo and initials were my own creation.

Front/side view - It's amazing what a little refinishing can do for a badly damaged piece!

Utility shelf - When closed, the shelf sits unobtrusively in a corner of the basement

The shelves are up/down adjustable in 3 inch increments

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