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Pop-Up Pneumatic Skull

I've built several variations of this one.  It is simply a skull mounted on a screen door closer that pops up/out whenever air is sent 'backwards' through the cylinder.  I usually put these inside some off-the-shelf cheesy decoration - a giant plastic light-up pumpkin, a pile of bones (pictured), a cauldron, or even an old mailbox.  The idea is to turn an 'ordinary' decoration into something unexpected.

The cylinders can be built for under $10 each using the following components:

bulletScreen door closer - Any old one will do
bulletBrass fitting - Inserted into a 3/8" hole in the bottom of the cylinder
bulletAir hose clamps or quick-connect fittings
bulletJB-Weld - Ensures a solid air-tight seal at the fitting joint

An overall view of the cylinder

Close-up view

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