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Air-Cylinder Trigger System

The pictures below show how I put together a simple trigger system for my air-based Halloween effects.  This system cost me less than $50 to build and consists of the following items:

bulletPVC fittings - A 1 inch "T" and various reducers
bulletSome brass fittings - used to connect to the air hoses
bulletHose clamps - Secures hoses to brass fittings
bulletTransformer - Sold in the same section of the store as the valves
bulletSprinkler Valves - Common valves used in automatic irrigation systems
bulletSprinkler Wire - Also in the same section of the store as the valves
bulletSmall Project Box - Found at Radio Shack
bulletButtons - Also found at Radio Shack
bulletPhono Plugs - From Radio Shack, to quickly connect/disconnect sprinkler wire

A two-way manifold. Takes air in from the bottom and sends it to either of the sprinkler valves

A side view of the valve manifold

An overview of the "electronics" used in the system

2nd picture of the simple control mechanism

The effects are triggered by pressing one of these two buttons

The inside of the project box

A terminal strip distributes power to each of the buttons

The buttons complete the circuit, energizing the valves

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