Coin-Op Collection


What can be more relaxing that combining high-RPM electric motors and sharp steel?  Looking back on some of my projects, I wish I had done a better job of documenting the process that went into building them.  Sadly, I only have detailed construction photos of one project.

Click on a link below to see photo galleries of some of my completed projects:

bulletChildren's Basement Play Gym - This is the only project that has detailed photos


bulletOther Children's Projects - Click to see pictures of the following finished projects:
bulletA wooden train table that doubles as a chalk board when it is folded away
bulletA castle bed that I built for my daughter
bulletA race car bed that I built for my son
bulletA matching toolbox dresser that I built for my son


bulletOther projects - These projects are basically things that I've built around the house:
bulletRescuing a horribly disfigured cedar chest that a neighbor was throwing away
bulletAdjustable wooden shelves - a versatile system built out of 2x4s and plywood


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